Good Things To Say About The USA
Democrat or Republican,  if you love the USA then this website is for you
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 Welcome to Good Things To Say About The U.S.A. 
If patriotism is really the last refuge of the scoundrel, then we happily and freely admit that scoundrels we must be, because this is a site for good old-fashioned American patriots who still believe in the goodness and even the greatness of the U.S.A.
This is a totally nonpartisan, nonpolitical celebration of what is good and what is right about America and why we still love it.  It does not matter if you’re a Republican or a Democrat, whether you think that President Barack Obama is a raging, radical communist, or a big disappointment, because he is too conservative and not radical enough.  If you love this country and you are willing to stand up and say so and tell the world why you think this is still the greatest country in the world, then this website is for you.

We believe that patriotism and love of country should be separate from and above politics. We may disagree about everything and anything else, but as long as we can agree that we are all Americans and that we all love our country, whether we are liberals or conservatives, then we can work together to make this country even better and to solve whatever problems we do have.  That is the goal of Good Things To Say About The USA and the  Good USA Foundation.

We have a four pronged strategy:

1) We want to build a grass roots movement with live meetings just like the Tea Party.

2) We want to put out a book called Good Things To Say About the USA

3) We want to produce a documentary called Good Things To Say About the USA

4) We want to produce and distribute a basic American English language and culture course in countries that send a lot of
immigrants to the United States. No matter how you feel about immigration, they are going to keep coming, so we want to help them assimilate and become productive Americans able to communicate well enough in English and with a good enough understanding of our customs and culture, that thyey can get jobs, housing and get their kids into school. 
Through this four part strategy, we hope to restore the positive image of the United States, both at home and abroad.
If you love the USA, then come join us.